Pallet Coil Nail Making Machine/Coil Nail Collating Machine/collator/wire collated Coil Nail Machine

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This coil nail machine is the automatic welding equipment with high frequency and high speed. Place the iron nail in hopper to lay off automatically, the vibration disc arranges the order of nail to enter into the welding and form line-order nails, and then soak nail into paint for rust prevention automatically, dry and count automatically to roll into roll-shape(flat-topped type and pagoda type).Automatically cut off according to the set number of each roll, the finish products are packaged by operators. This equipment adopts high technology products of imported programmable controller and touch-sensitive graphic display etc., conducts automatic detection to process flows of shortage、leakage、counting and cutting etc. in system, to make the whole system correct、reliable and quality stable.


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the new type nail making machine adopts plunger and oil pipe lubricating structure to ensure the high working speed, low noise and less impact. it is has the features of advanced design, compact conformation, and attractive apperance. It is easy and safe to operate.

The principle of this machine is putting the disorder nails in the vibrating disk. Then the vibrating disk will put the nails in order and through the feeding month to the welding part, then it will automatically oiled rust, drying, counting and coiling in a roll.

This coil nail making machine is a special kind of automatic welding equipment. The nails will be welded by two copper coated wires at a certain angle, 15° to 16°, then the welded nails are coiled to a fixed length as per the counter to cut off, forming a coil shape with flat top or cone top.


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Max power (kw) 
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Length of Nail (mm) 
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Over dimension(mm)
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