Does the nail-making machine need a feeder?

Nail making machine can be used to make different kinds of nails of different specifications, and in order to obtain a good product, in addition to equipment, production process is very important, raw materials also have a decisive role.If the raw material is not processed properly, it may directly affect the whole process. What is the correct processing procedure?

The raw material of nail-making machine is basically steel, but its treatment is not a single, but a series of complex technology, the production process involved is more.Due to each process are closely related to the normal operation of the nail machine, so the feeding of this step began to pay attention to.

The nail-making machine has special feeding equipment to deliver the sheet material to the designated position, usually the position of the vertical hydraulic cylinder, and can only start production when it is ready. fpga Solutions Feeding is one part, mix is another part, must be on the mix for cutting processing.In other words, to cut large pieces of material into small pieces, so that it is easy to process;At the same time there is clamping processing.


Post time: Oct-10-2019
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