Fight Epidemic

    Starting in January 2020, a pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) has occurred in Wuhan, China, and spread all over the country. Now all Chinese people are standing together to fight this new infectious disease with the help of WHO and experts from all over the world. We have noted some rumors and lies on this epidemic, which are worse than the virus itself. You may have noted that even WHO Director-General has repeatedly called on people not to believe in rumors or spread them. Here are some truths which may help you get a clear and accurate view about the disease and how we are handling it.

    Firstly, the Chinese government has taken the most thorough and strict prevention and control measures to prevent the spread of the new epidemic. Wuhan, a super city of more than 10 million people has been closed thoroughly and decisively. The Spring Festival holiday is also extended; everyone is advised to wear mask and not to go out and stay at home. Moreover, we are happy to see that such measures are increasingly showing their effects. As of 24:00 February 5, a total of 1,153 cured and discharged cases and 563 fatal cases have been reported in China's mainland. Newly reported confirmed cases in China excluding Hubei declined for a second day starting from February 4. Under this circumstance, we have the faith that Chinese people will defeat this epidemic in the new future, and the economy of China will recover soon after the disease.

    Secondly, we are grateful to announce that the epidemic has not caused a serious da mage to our business. Here we’d like to express our appreciation to all of our loyal customers, who have been continually showing concern to us and also give us many necessary and precious helps to fight the disease. Our company is located far away from Wuhan, with a straight-line distance of about 1000 kilometers. So far, only 20 people in our city have been confirmed infected, and all of them are being treated in isolation, which makes our city and work environment safe. As a responsible enterprise, our company has been taking active response to ensure the safety of all employees, and also try our best to reduce the losses for our customers. We have thermometers, disinfectant, hand sanitizer and all other necessary equipment to fight the virus. Up till now, no one of our employees has been infected, and we are continuing our production under the supervise of local government. We will try our best not to extend any orders , and our products will still be in high-quality and excellent price just like before the epidemic.

               Looking forward to more cooperation with you!


Post time: Feb-10-2020
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