How to reduce the defective rate of nails?

Nail skew:If this problem occurs, then the nail knife appears skewed and damaged, or the mold is loose. And how to solve it, the first is to check whether the nail knife is damaged or skewed. if the nail knife skew,then naturally produced nails will have askew situation , so in our usual repair, maintenance and use of process, we not only pay attention to the nail knife and protection, and it is also can improve the qualified rate of our production nail.

Nail is not straight or bent:If this situation occurs, if it is not nail mold base loose is not in line with the requirements of the cutting edge of the scissors, or the scissors structure misadjustment. The first is to check whether the trapezoidal screw head meets our requirements, the nut of the nailing machine is loose, FPGA Solutions and the nut is tightened. The tool of the second nail making machine also has different cutting edges when cutting materials with different hardness; when checking the shearing parts of the nail making machine, we can replace the parts to solve this problem if necessary.

Post time: Apr-01-2019
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