Multi – station cold heading machine operation

1.Turn over the machine power supply, put the molding mold on the slider, set the preheating temperature (the thermal pressure is 50-60 degrees Celsius, the cold chamber temperature cannot preheat), and the operating position on the operation button is preheating in the preheating cycle position.

2.Set the required working pressure according to the process requirements.

3.Start the operation when the heating temperature of the mold reaches the set temperature.

4.Procedures: mold core, cloth, mesh, baking mesh, news network, sand casting, material sharing, mesh hole ring, top mold cover, prepress , punch core, demoulding, mold core, trademark, grinding wheel, top mold cover, prepress mold cover, stamping, stamping mold core, demoulding, end cycle. Then repeat the process for both A and B.

5. Remove the grinding wheel, separate the grinding wheel from the net and the burning plate, connect it to the mandrel (section), remove the grinding wheel, and use the burning plate to separate the grinding wheel from the grinding wheel to the mandrel.

6. Add or remove operating procedures according to different grinding wheels, varieties and structures.


Post time: Feb-03-2020
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