The maintenance method of automatic screw bolt thread rolling machine

1. when the surface of the parts of the machine is seriously dirty or scratches, hot marks that can be carefully polished with fine sandpaper parts of the surface, and then use a clean cloth to scrub clean.

2.want to better keep the surface of automatic silk machine parts, that often in the work of the attention can not let the parts have water stains, dirty, if the mistake in the machine to stop the use of the timely wipe clean, continue to pay attention to clean the surface of the parts.

3. do not use sharp, blunt articles to scrape the surface of the accessories, want to clean, the use of a wet cloth or add detergent or detergent cleaning, and then wipe dry agent can be.

4. can not be placed on the high temperature hot items accessories, can use heat insulation pad, to avoid the surface of the accessories will affect the normal use.Front bar high pressure plunger pump.

5.If you want to make the machine lubricate normally, you can only lubricate the accessories regularly.Do not hit or scratch the surface of accessories with sharp objects, avoid contact with hydrochloric acid, salt, brine and other characteristics, so as to avoid chemical reactions.



Post time: Nov-28-2019
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