The working structure of the straight line type wire drawing machine

Straight line type drawing machine belongs to a high efficiency, drawing quality, strong cooling, very high cost performance drawing equipment.In practical application is quite extensive, compared to the direct drawing machine in production efficiency, production cost, product quality and other aspects have great advantages.

Straight line type drawing machine can be divided into three parts, namely, winding, drawing and winding.The pay-off part is composed of two duck beak type repay-off mechanisms, each with a capacity of 2.5 tons.When in use, the end of one plate of billet in use is connected with the end of another spare billet. When the blank in use is used up, it will be automatically transferred to another plate to realize non-stop winding.

In the Straight line type drawing machine set, there will also be a large heavy industry type wheel wire setting at the same time to meet different wire setting requirements.The drawing part is composed of 9 dry drawing units. In order to facilitate the putting out of the large heavy industrial wheel, there is enough time to change the disc without stopping the machine and changing the wheel, one drawing unit is designed as sliding wheel, and the rest are all straight forward.

In addition, this kind of  straight line type drawing machine mold is forced water cooling, which can take away the heat in a short time, to ensure the hardness of high-speed drawing mold.Effective cooling is one of the prerequisites for high speed drawing.

As for the in-line drawing machine part of the line, you can meet at the same time I wheel rewinding line, line frame rewinding line, ordinary small bundle compatibility.In the actual work, this kind of direct drawing machine can also be changed at any time according to different requirements of the wire, improve the work efficiency.

In straight line drawing machine effectively controls the second flow of metal in each reel, in the process of steel wire drawing, the steel wire will first be wound from a reel to a certain number of turns, and then through the tuning roller directly into the next drawing die.

Post time: Nov-21-2019
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