What requirement does cold heading machine have to its processing material?

The cold upsetting machine adopts disc and straight bar materials and USES the principle of secondary upsetting to produce various head, countersunk head, semi-countersunk head, hexagon socket and other non-standard head bolts and mechanical parts.

So what are the requirements of cold heading machine for its processing materials?

1.The chemical composition and mechanical properties of the raw materials for cold heading of the cold pier machine shall meet the relevant standards.

2.The manufacturer of multi-position cold heading machine explained that the material was treated by spheroidization annealing, and the metallographic structure of the material was spherical pearlite grade 4-6.

3.the hardness of raw materials, in order to reduce the cracking tendency of the material as far as possible, improve the service life of the mold also requires the cold drawing material has the lowest hardness as far as possible, in order to improve the plasticity.The hardness of raw materials is generally required to be between HB110 and 170(HRB62-88).

4.cold drawing of the full inch accuracy should be based on the specific requirements of the product and the process situation, generally speaking, for the reduction of diameter and the size of the precision requirements of a few lower.

5.The manufacturer of high speed cold upsetting machine explains that the surface quality of cold drawing material requires that the lubrication film should be dark and lustrous, and the surface should not be marked with scratches, folds, cracks, rusts, scales, pits, pitting and other defects.

6.The total thickness of the decarburization layer in the radius direction of the cold drawing material shall not exceed 1-1.5% of the diameter of the raw material (the specific situation depends on the requirements of each manufacturer).

7.in order to ensure the quality of cold forming cut off, cold drawing material is required to have a hard surface, but the heart is soft state.

8. cold drawing material should be carried out cold break test, at the same time, the material should be less sensitive to cold hardening, in order to reduce the deformation process, due to cold hardening deformation resistance increased.


Post time: Nov-07-2019
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