Working principle and control performance of straight line wire drawing machine

In metal processing, straight line wire drawing machine is a common one, in the past usually used dc generator - electric unit to achieve.Now with the progress of technology and a large number of frequency conversion popularization, frequency conversion control began to be used in a large number of straight line wire drawing machine, and can be achieved through PLC drawing variety setting, operation automation, production process control, real-time closed-loop control, automatic meter counting and other functions.

The straight line wire drawing machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulating system, which has reliable technology and remarkable energy saving. The speed regulating range is 30:1 in normal operation, and it can provide more than 1.5 times of rated torque at the rated speed of 5%.Straight line wire drawing machine mainly on the fine rolling out of the stainless steel wire drafting, drawing machine is a difficult to control, because it is a number of motor at the same time on the wire drawing, the efficiency of the operation is very high.

The straight line wire drawing machine allows the wire to slip between the molds, and it has higher requirements on the synchronization of the motor and the rapidity of dynamic response.Due to its brittle properties, stainless steel lacks the toughness of high carbon steel wire or steel cord.

In the drawing part of the  straight line wire drawing machine, there are six rotating drums with a diameter of 400mm. Between each rotating drum, there is a cylinder swing arm for detecting the position. The position of the swing arm can be detected by displacement sensor.

The winding motor of the straight line wire drawing machine adopts self-sliding cone bracket, and the coil diameter basically does not change in the whole process, so the calculation function of the coil diameter is not needed.It adopts special motor for frequency conversion and has mechanical braking device.Direct wire drawing machine system logic control is more complex, there are various linkage relations, by PLC.Synchronization control is all in tl-md320 inverter internal implementation, do not rely on external control.

straight line wire drawing machine


Post time: Nov-13-2019
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